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Links of all shapes and sizes, from interesting stuff I have found to other documentation.

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The Atlantic

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Online text to diagram tools

envs - environments - file hosting and url shortener, collaborative real time editing, microblogging, git service, collaborative real time markdown, decentralized communication, event manager, graphical pastebin, metasearch engine

Archive webpage captures (including paywalled articles if lucky): Webpage Archive

Date planning with no login: Crab Fit

Debt settling with no login: SplittyPie

Collaborative notepad with no login: ProtectedText

Separate writing from editing: Ensō

A better thesaurus: Careful Words or OneLook

AI tools

There Is An AI For That:

YouTube video summarizer:

Text assistant: ChatGPT

PDF summarizer and QA tool: Ask Your PDF and ChatDOC

Voice cloning: ElevenLabs and Resemble