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Not sure what else to put here, but for making it here, you shall be rewarded with a story I found on Reddit:

People: "We must consult the technopriests about how to do the thing!"

People to technopriests: "Oh venerated guardians of the ancient wisdom of the all-knowing Search Engine, we come to you for advice on how to do the thing! As a token of our appreciation for your utterly obfuscated divine art, we bring you a cup of coffee, so that you may perform your ceremonies without falling asleep"

Technopriests to people: "Your offering is acceptable. We shall feast on it and then consult with the mighty ancient Search Engine on how to do the thing!"

The technopriests ingest the liquid and walk down into the basement of ancient wisdom and knowledge. A small box sits there, with status light glowing and fading, as if breathing.

Technopriests: "O mighty Godgle, how do we do the thing?"

Godgle, the box of all knowledge: "You do the thing by doing it, not by not doing it"

Technopriests: "We thank you for this wisdom oh mighty Godgle"

The technopriests resurface.

Technopriests to people: "We have received divine wisdom from the mighty Search Engine and it has told us that you may do the thing by doing it instead of not doing it!"

People: "Truly, we could never have figured this out ourselves"

And so the people did the thing instead of not doing the thing and humanity was saved once more.

its not dns